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With national buying power and diverse lending and rental options, we can get you on the road faster with a great deal
Car Loan for Rideshare

If you’ve got good credit, we can arrange traditional bank funding at great rates and even find you the right car at the best price through our dealer network.

Rent to own

If you have a new ABN, or perhaps are new to the country it can be challenging to get a loan. Ask about RideShare Solutions Rent to Own.

Rent a Car

Rent from a 7 day minimum rental period with no cancellation fees and only a weeks notice required to cancel.

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Car Loans for Rideshare cars from $89 a week

In addition to standard finance car loans, we specialise in Rent to Own new, or near-new cars. We understand that sometimes you just need to be given a break, particularly if you're a new ABN holder or are new to Australia. We're ready to give you that chance so you can drive Rideshare and put yourself on the path to achieving your financial goals. Remeber, this is your car for personal use too - drive it when you want and where you want!
About Rideshare Solutions

Rideshare Solutions helps people get affordable Rideshare cars to start making money with Rideshare today. We have helped thousands of people get the keys to a Rideshare car to unlock their earning potential.

Our most popular Rideshare options include car rental and rent to own packages.

When you rent-to-own a car through Rideshare solutions your weekly payment immediately goes towards owning the car. You have options to purchase the car at any time, return the car if you change your mind, or continue renting to gain full ownership of the car.

If you want to drive for Rideshare, we have many car financing options. Call us today or apply online to get started, become an Rideshare driver and start earning cash.

We are one of the biggest car finance providers for Rideshare drivers in Australia, so if you have any questions on how to get Rideshare financing, get in contact with us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you!

We’ve got all different makes and models of cars suitable for Rideshare available

Start today and drive to financial freedom! :)

Across our finance, rent to own and rental teams we have something available in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, - Australia Wide!

Rideshare solutions advantages

We design our finance options to help you
Your Car

The vehicle is your car 24/7. You own it and can drive it where and when you like AND you get to keep it at the end of the loan period. With our extensive dealer network we can get you the best car for your budget.

Low Weekly Payments

We have a large lending network, meaning we can get you the best finance for your vehicle, so your weekly repayments are less.

Start Earning

Rideshare Solutions understands people want to get driving and earning sooner which is why our aim is to get you from “Apply Now” to “Drive Away” in the shortest possible time!

Low or No Deposit

Depending on your finance history you’ll only have to pay a low deposit, or no deposit at all.

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Apply online or call us on 1300 190 390

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