Applicant Terms & Conditions For Rent To Own

Please read carefully.

Privacy Collection Notification: GoGetta Equipment Funding Pty Ltd (GoGetta) collects your personal information to assess your application, provide services to you and for other purposes set out in our Privacy Policy. We cannot process your application or provide services without this information. Our Privacy Policy tells you who we disclose information to, how to access and correct your information and complain about privacy matters. We may disclose your information to New Zealand, Canada or the USA.

Credit Reporting Notification: GoGetta’s Credit Reporting Policy sets out your rights to access and correct your information, how to make complaints and how we will respond. It also includes disclosures under the Credit Reporting Privacy Code (including how to request that information not be used for certain marketing purposes or if you believe you are the victim of fraud). It is available on our website and in hard copy. I/we authorise GoGetta to give credit information to a Credit Reporting Body, including:

• Identity particulars

• The fact that you have applied for credit and the amount

• The fact that GoGetta Equipment Funding Pty Ltd is a credit provider to you

• Payments which become overdue more than 60 days and for which collection has commenced

• Advice that payments are no longer overdue

• Cheques drawn by you which have been dishonoured more than once.

I/we authorise GoGetta to obtain from a Credit Reporting Body a credit report containing personal credit information in relation to commercial credit provided by GoGetta, and to share credit information with credit providers named in the report as permitted by law, or to other persons to decide whether to act as guarantor or offer property as security, and to verify and assess our application. You hereby certify that the information you have provided is true and correct and you acknowledge that we are relying upon such information to assess this application