UBER Rent To Own

Rent to own is a 12-month rental agreement with four flexible options

(it’s our most popular option)

rent to own


At any point in the contract, you can buy the car outright without penalty. If you decide to purchase within the first 12 months, you’ll receive a 75% net rental rebate on the purchase price! So if your business is booming and you can afford to buy your car within, say, the first six months, Rideshare Solutions enables you to do this – you are in control.

Continue renting

After the first 12 months, you can simply continue renting. During this time you will still have the options to purchase the car and receive a generous rental rebate or give the equipment back to Rideshare Solutions without penalty. In other words, you can keep your options open for longer.


If, after the first 12 months, the car is no longer suitable or your work source is no longer there, you can simply give it back to Rideshare Solutions without penalty – no questions asked!

Rent to own

After 12 months you can roll into our rent to own funding solution called go.own.plus. We will lower your weekly rent by up to 30% and you can continue to enjoy the benefits of renting, including tax deduction. Most importantly, at the end of the term, you can exercise the option to own the car.

Funding Example Based On $20,000 Car

Your Result

Weekly Rent $264.32

Purchase Price After 1 Year $12,599.02 

Total Upfront Cost $1,716.59

The Breakdown

Refundable Security Bond $1,057.27

Documentation Fee $395.00 

First Week Rent $246.32


Total rent for 12 months (including GST) $13,744.50
Net rental cost after 28.5% tax deduction and GST credits $8,933.93
Total cash cost of ownership $21,533.05
Net year one cost of ownership $708.05


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